Winter Trend 2015

So,  here we are on the last month of the year –  December.  December rings the bells of carols,  bonfires,  ear muffins and lots of coffee.

And of course, whole new closet for the season.

The tricky bit about dressing in this weather is teaming a number of cloth items.  The sweater, skirt, scarf and overcoat each cannot be telling a different story!
I say,  stock some standard colors of boots, coats and cardigans and play with the lowers and scarves. Find our list of Winter Trend 2015!

The Cape

This season we foresee a strong come back of the long lost Capes.  Capes are typically without a defined sleeve and are tucked at the neck.
We welcome the long and short of this flowy,  warm, maybe dual- sided, sleeveless garment.
Psst a Cape gown is a must have!





Pleated Mid-lenght Skirts

With “Keep warm, yet voguish”  being on our mind –  the skirts,  more long than short seem to be finding place in many’s collection.

We look forward to calf length pleated skirts.  With single sided thin pleats being the most loved.




Tassels and leather fringes on your accessories like belt,  bag,  boots and even skirts will be adorned this winter.


With neoprene being an ideal fabric to bend on your lovely curves and crisply bouncing out for that perfect fall,  without the use of can-can; it’s the new steal this season.  And the added plus being the warmth that this comfortable fabric will give.


Knee Lenght Boots

Boots –  Yes  boots,  we needless to say have been the patent footwear,  but our reiki says they get even higher up…  Up,  above the knees- wow,  those legs are gonna look taller.

Colours and Fabric for this Season

COLORS that will be on the pallet –  plum, marsala,  walnut, pecan,  rose beige and we are seeing shades of white and pearl too.

FABRIC – faux leather is loved for its bold leather look contrasting to its soft,  stretchable feel.  The tweeds and rough checks of wool will be used widely in bias cut. Undoubtedly,  neoprene will be the new thing this season.

Happy Stocking!

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