Wear It Right The Colours Are Bright


Wear It Right The Colours Are BrightFabric samples neon colors spandex nylon cotton Have you gone for shopping with your boyfriend and ended up buying nothing new than that usual white shirt and grey trousers? How many times does this happen that you pick up a shade for your beloved and he is way too shy to adapt it into his wardrobe? If your guy has phobia of colours, here is the spring/summer trend for men sneaking in with bright array of colours that will pop up soon in the fashion world. Let him be assured of one thing that bright hues and fluorescents are no more a girl’s wardrobe highlight!


So, all the hunks and gentlemen out there spread your arm wide and soak yourself deep in the season’s forthcoming palette of neons and explosion of colours. So much so have the shades of vibrant and bright neons played magic on the runway that the great designer labels like Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Topman and others have painted their spring/summer  men’s collection in splashes of cheerful hues.

From colour blocking to interplay of shades and tints, each collection has been portrayed with the centralized focus on vibrant colours and fluorescent tones. Giving a fresh and summery feel to any outfit, the designers have done their best in spreading the charm of colours by maintaining a harmony for high level of wearability.

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Where shirts, shorts, jackets and trousers were to be seen in shades of pink, bright yellow was incorporated into tees and knitted clothes to create a wonderful and sober match for office going men. When teamed with black or grey trousers and coats, these pinks and yellows will exude a distinct charisma and raise those pulses of lady colleagues who would just get carried away by the shift in this interesting fashion trend!

While neons and fluorescents played their vital role in painting the upper half of the men’s closet; olives and burnt oranges have settled well for lowers and bottoms. Try pairing your white or plain T-shirt with olive green pants or wear that simple white shirt with burnt orange trousers. You will be amazed to see the reincarnation of your personality. Feel free to get into the shoes of the fashion freak and stun the crowd around with your spirit and confidence.

The simple mantra this coming season is –Don’t Play Safe, Play It Bold and Cool! While you are not too open to wearing bright hues to office or workplace, you can always tone down the colour with a sober white top or T-shirt. For corporate men, suits are getting boxier this season. Replacing the last season’s slim fit pants, the wide legged pants are making their way ahead to add an edge to your personality. Don’t miss on the double breasted blazer which is just enough to add that dash of style to your formal as well as casual chic look.

Interesting prints and patterns are in too, so welcome them in form of sweatshirts or ties to give a new look to your personality. Prints like camouflage or army themes are too hot and would be a wonderful addition to your monochrome wardrobe. So, men what are you waiting for? Stand out in the crowd wearing your favourite colour paired with a black or grey blazer or tie. Wear neutral or brown pair of sunglasses to accessorize your clothes well. Brown or grey oxfords or moccasins will do the needful in creating a complete look.


Be fashion forward and look for variations in your everyday dressing to carry an adventurous and playful look wherever you go. Get carried away with the spring/summer trend which has a plethora of colours and potential to drench you in its liveliness.

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