Wardrobe essentials for Spring 2012

Chilly winter is about to say goodbye to give its way to the floral spring, and as such there is a change expected in your wardrobe as much as the weather outside.

Peplum skirts, shirts and dresses
Flirt extensively with this season’s peplum skirts, dresses and tops which have a short flared ruffle that is present at the waist. When worn with high heels, these flares will give a distinguished look this spring. You will find waist flares on jackets, tops, skirts and dresses.

Draped Pencil Skirts
The straight skirt gets a bit more interesting this season with the addition of draped ruffles, folds, and ruching. So, you can make a style statement by picking up one of these ruffled drapes and rock the party.

Lace Skirts and Gowns
This season is also full of lace work. You can flaunt a long skirt dressed up with embroidery and dainty lace or can even try cut-out floral patterns with lace work. Also, floral prints are all time spring commons.

Futuristic Prints
If you’re feeling bored of classic patterns like plaids, stripes and polka dots, then this spring 2012’s you can try some futuristic-prints. In order to simplify, you can pair a futuristic print t-shirt with a plain jeans/skirt.

Power Floral
Hyperbright florals are everywhere, including on pants.

Metallic Basics
From wrap skirts to slim trousers, shiny bronze and emerald green has made a spectacular entry this season. So, you could just differentiate yourself by wearing metallic colors especially on the dance floor and jazzy night-outs

Tangerine Dreams
With spring coming in full bloom, bright colors make a comeback. In all the high profile fashion shows, high-octane orange, tangerine tango, bright yellow and shades of lilac made a comeback.

Pastel Shades
If you are not the one who crave for much attention and would want a subtle look, this spring also have pastel shades in vogue. The pastel shades would give you a low key vibe yet adding to the elegant charm. You can chose to wear these shades especially in formal wear.

White Heels
When it comes to footwear, you can try white heels this spring. Last season’s nudes are this season’s bright white.


Cheerful Color Blocking
Color blocking has made a comeback in dresses this spring from the accessories in fall. You can try to mix and match two colors at ease and stick to three colors at max to avoid the typical girly, Rainbow bright look.

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