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So what is the big deal about Suits? Apart from the supremely successful TV show starring the legendary Harvey Specter and Mike Ross and the obsession of Barney Stinson with suits in How I met your mother, it got us thinking, Just what is it about men in suits?

suits Traditionally, your first suit is something that was tailor made and ill fitting (for the most part at least) and probably represents a situation in your life that mostly had you all nervous giving a presentation to some corporate biggie. We truly believe that there is a lot more to suits than that and hence wish to explore this rather important piece de resistance in your wardrobe.

However, we at Urbanista think that it is time to Suit Yourself! We’ll provide you with the right arsenal to go out and buy/tailor-make your super sexy suit!

  1. Cut, Cut, Cut! : This is the most important thing you should look for when buying a suit. No matter if you are a lean man or have some beer fat( which you’ve been trying to lose forever!), the cut is really something that can either hide or accentuate your body. Look for a cut that accentuates your waist and is sharp at the edges. Your cuffs should be just touching your wrists and make sure they don’t look short. Wearing cufflinks look really good, if you have the time to make the effort. Tailor made suits will be an advantage in this arena.
  2. Pants: Always make sure that the pants taper towards the ends. There are many cuts, like skinny or tapering or straight fit. Flaring is a strict no-no! Go for flat front, relatively trimmed with little break at the end. Ensuring that there is no break at the ankle make your lower body look long.
  3. Experiment!: Whether you go for a simple two piece with two buttons with a narrow lapel, it is worthwhile to know that sometimes wearing the old school, but very sexy three piece suit also turns heads. Ties must also be experimented with, however, the world of ties is an altogether separate piece! In winter, the fabric that you could go for is Tweeds, Corduroy and Flannel, as per your requirements. One must ideally have one style for every season, keeps it interesting and spices things up!

zegna three-piece-suit-2011

  1. Kooky suits! : There are some suits with patterns like plaid or pinstripe. Be careful when you choose these, as patterns do add a fresher dimension to the overall personality of the suit but can be a little tricky sometimes. There are also some people who have a definitive opinion on velvet, however velvet is somewhat under the weather these days and not so popular.
  2. Colour: Well, we all have the classic grey and black. However, it pays to experiment with shades of both these colours. Dark brown and beige are also different shades that look great on occasions. However, nothing beats the classic dark grey flannel suit with or pinstripes!


Suiting up seems like a chore to most men and many men go years wearing the same old suit, altering it where required. While vintage is really chic, it would do good for you to experiment and find a new look through newer patterns and styles. The suits you were define who you are as a person and you can look real dapper in the right one! Investing in a good suit takes some time (and money) but it is really worth all the effort. We don’t have to jump to an Ermendegildo Zegna or an Armani right way, but well get there soon enough! In a way, a suit is a symbol of corporate power, of ‘having arrived’ if you like. Also, it does wonders to your self confidence! (Don Draper, anyone?)

So go ahead, buy that perfect suit armed with our fabulous tips and feel right on top of the world.

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