Real Women: Work Life Balance-Reality or a Distant Dream?


Work Life Balance: Does it really exist or are we just kidding ourselves?

In today’s fast moving world of instant gratification, we need everything and one does not make up for another. The story after happily ever after. Well we all know the story till the prince marries the beautiful princess, but question is what is the “happily ever after” and is there really a world as perfect as that. Let’s face it! The princesses that we all are cannot be happy just sitting at home waiting for our perfect soul mates to come back each evening. Certainly there’s more to life and we want a part of it. Honestly the life without the evil step mother or the evil sisters is just plain boring. Besides getting married to the perfect guy cannot be the end to┬áthe definition of a perfect life.

A perfect life is a struggle to strike a balance each day. A balance between the outside and the inside. A balance between the instinct to rule the world and the instinct to tend to every need of your partner and kids. We women, even without the society telling us, instinctively strive each day to be the perfect mother and wife. Thus bringing me to my point that to a working woman, the thing that matters the most is the balance of the work life and the domestic life, the peaceful coexistence of the two.

Today’s corporate life has become fiercely competitive and equally demanding and with the smartphones being such integral part of our lives it’s become more difficult than ever to draw that line. It’s not uncommon for the boss to call you on a weekend or post work hours to have look at an urgent email or have quick call with one of the clients.
How do you then draw the line? Well to me the answer starts from just saying ‘no’. It may not come as easily to us but in my opinion that is the single most important word that every woman really needs to learn.
So to sum it up, work life balance is not a mirage it’s a choice that we make each day by prioritizing and by being in touch with our true selves.
Niharika Sinha is known as the woman who loves her work as much as her child and partner. She is currently based out of Singapore. In her previous avatar she use to work for E&Y, Bangalore.

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