Introducing Basic Makeup Series

Introducing Basic Makeup Series. We came across a lot request for basics of make-up series on our YouTube channel. We heard you out and have put together this rather exciting series of videos that will cover every component of make-up. Here we are Introducing Basic Makeup Series.

Our endeavour is to answer any question that you might have about make-up application, product selection and some tips/tricks. In our further videos we will share with you our series on eye shadow application. All you want to know about eyes.

Creating a makeup look is comparable to designing an outfit: it can be neutral or trendy, classy or eclectic, practical daytime or glamorous evening, for hot or cold weather—imagine a style that suits you, then combine your makeup products in the same way.

If there are any specifics that you would want us to cover, do let us know. To be the first one to know our uploads SUBSCRIBE to our channel. If you like what you see then don’t forget to give it a Thumbs up  and keep sharing the love.

FYI we upload our video every Friday don’t miss it. We have something unique every time.



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