How to look skinny

Not a fad diet but some quick tips to cheat your way int looking thinner. Please do let us know if they helped!!

Head and Face

o Pulling your hair up away from shoulders will melt away the kilos.

o Hair accessories are great as they keep the eye up.

o Try sweeping your hair into a high ponytail and you will be surprised. It can give an impression of height and lift the facial features. Height in the hair is a good thing as it is flattering and elongating.

o Chunky highlights on the sides of your face will elongate your face too.

Neck to Bust

o Cow necklines have a slimming effect on the upper body, countering double chin problem

o Unless you are intending to keep your arms up all the time remember that sleeves do create horizontal illusions. The best length to maintain is three quarter sleeves








o To camouflage the tummy it all starts from above.  The neckline and straps have to be in balance. Distract the eye upwards!

Waist Down

o Avoid middle bulk; create the illusion of having a lower waist with a belt. Remember all accessories have to be in proportion to your body scaleo Stay away from pleats! On pants and skirts they create a balloon feeling that widens the hips.o Wear one size smaller stretchy camisole as a second skin.

o A-line dresses and skirts will help minimize your hips.o Find your killer cm.  We all have the cm breaking point on our top of legs and lower legs. Stand in front of the mirror and test where yours is.

o Find yours to find your perfect length of shorts, skirts and ¾ pants.

o Avoid shoes with ankle straps as these will shorten the leg.

o Wear wedges to elongate your legs.

o Avoid chunky heels which thicken calves.

There’s no harm in taking stock of a few fashion illusions when you want to improve the way you feel about yourself!

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