Having a full figure doesn’t mean you cannot dress yourself well. Your body is unique, you just need to focus on your good points and blind off those not so good points. With a little know-how and oodles of confidence you can look FABULOUS! Here are those few tips: When Shopping for Clothes: When you shop for clothes, don’t go by the size label. Try out a particular piece in two-to-three different sizes and pick the one that fits the best. Reason being, different brands have different fits for the same size number.

  Well Fitted-Underclothes is the Key: It is quite hard to look good with ill-fitted and flimsy innerwear. Therefore, buy underclothes of a good brand and do not limit your budget when shopping for them. Also it’s of utmost significance that you pick the right size to avoid any bulges. If you’re not sure of the right size, the store attendant will help you in determining.

No Compromising on the Style Quotient: Do not simply shop/wear clothe that just fits. Rather, look out for stylish clothes and consider them buying. For clothes that look great, give a great feeling too which immediately shows up in your confidence and gets noticed.

Move with Confidence: Feel good about yourself and carry yourself with confidence. You don’t necessarily need to pay heed to others’ advice of “What not to wear”.  Wear clothes you like with a little style & taste and have fun. Because moving in style and confidence is more important than one’s size or clothes.

Draw Attention to your Best Features: You’ve got a great feature? Flaunt it! Choose cuts and styles that show off those features. Say for instance, you have a narrower waist as compared to the rest of the body, show it off with a bright belt. For great lips, wear lipsticks.

Evening Wear: Your evening wear shouldn’t just be limited to dresses. You can team up a black dress pant with a bright top and a pair of great shoes. If you’re looking for skirts, nothing better than A-line cuts.


Accessorize: Wear beautiful and unusual accessories to make your wardrobe more versatile. Big handbags will help you look smaller. Also, larger women can very well pull off large and bold jewelries like chunky bangles and dangly earrings.

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