For the Sake of the Socks

Usually men don’t care of what socks they are wearing. It is common to the same plain socks in shades of black, grey and white everywhere. However, there are some extreme combinations which must be avoided, and most importantly the socks should match the occasion! This is necessary as socks can help you create the desired impression or in other ways can help you make an undesirable perception.

For work
With formal clothing at the workplace, it is safe that you buy good quality cotton, acrylic or polyester socks so that it is comfortable even while you sweat a lot! The basic pastel colors like navy, black or gray are the common shades but the most important thing to be kept in mind is never to wear white socks with black shoes and vice versa. White socks are traditionally meant for sports only, and hence, this contrasting combination is a strict no-no!!!


For formal occasions!
Dress socks are best for formal occasions like weddings and other parties. Often, you might wear athletic socks which are thicker in fabric for the formal occasions. However, it is advisable that you buy dress socks in basic colors or some patterns but well fitted socks of thinner material so that the attention is centered on the shoes than the foot or the socks!



Sports wear

With the gymming culture slowly penetrating the Indian mindset, Sports and fitness are slowly becoming a part of lifestyle and thus the whole arena of sports accessories including the socks for the playtime have become all the more important.
You should buy special sport socks from brands like Spalding, Adidas, Reebok which have socks especially made to give the desired comfort and absorb sweat and have durability to last long! Check out the major sport brands for their sock labels and keep in mind that acrylic socks are sure to give you more cushioning which translates to better comfort for your feet. White socks are the most common sports socks till date, so you can try a White sock of a trendy sport label on it!

For Winter

For the chilly winters, there are special woolen or nylon socks for the much desired warmth while absorbing the moisture from the feet but retaining the heat in the body. The common woolen sock brands are Park Avenue, Adidas, Flying Machine, Zovi, Vermon . They make winter socks that are non-itchy and provide the benefit of protection with style!

For Home
Finally there are socks with the funky designs on them. You should wear them at home, probably with the casual attire but they are not recommended to be worn outside even in very informal situations. They give an eccentric look which is desired when you are relaxing at home and want to complement the casual look.

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  1. When it comes to clothing not many of us think about what/which socks to wear. I must say this is my first time ever reading an article on something that I never cared or even thought of. It seems I need to make quite a few corrections when it comes to choosing the right socks for the right occasion.
    Good Job!

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