Fashion Trend For The Year 2013

It’s never too early to take a sneak peek into the fashion trends, especially where key investment pieces are concerned. Therefore, we’ve tried to bring to you, an insight of the trends and colors you can expect to rule the roost in 2013.

Spring/Summer 2013

Coming spring/2013 will all be about feminine softness. Belted floral dresses will be one of the key trends the coming season. You can very safely move away from corporate look for office to a rather softer look. Also, keep an eye on brocade, velvet, paisley and tribal prints.


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Collarless tops and stripes will also pick up the pace. From high-neck to plunging, soft collarless tops will replace stiff shirts for a sensual Mediterranean mood. Stripes will also steal the show.


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“The bolder the better”, is the mantra to follow this spring/summer.

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Slashed neck tees in delicate fabrics.



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Autumn/Fall 2013

Dark hues are always the domain of the colder months, and fall 2013 is no exception.  It is inspired by three themes: Creativity, Adventure and Nostalgia. Florals in earthy colors will be the key element this season. And also will be graphic designs.


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Bright colors will very interestly be placed against with muted tones, giving it a “folk-inspired look”.


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The general trend in 2013 will be sophisticated and chic if worn the right. Also, bold stripes are expected to be worn all around the year. Unlike the trend in 2012, color blocking is passé.  So it’s time to say hello to monochromatic coloured ensembles.  And last but definitely not the least, make sure you have key pieces of emerald green colour in your closet as it is the Pantone Color of the Year 2013. From runways to streets, it is going to be seen everywhere; a definite hit!

Other Fashion Trend for 2013

Emerald Green: As we already know that emerald green is the color of the year 2013, we can wear the color in our makeup as well. Look for green hues when shopping for eyeliners, mascaras and shadows. Green is a colour of growth, renewal and healing.

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Thick Eyebrows: Thick eyebrows are back, so start growing your brows.


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Bold Lip Colours:This year will be about bold lip colors. Try experimenting with great bright pink. This hue will surely be an essential lip color in your make-up kit.

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