Everyday CTM Regime

Our episode 2 on our YouTube Channel is on Everyday CTM (Cleansing/Toning/Moisturizing) regime. CTM regime should be a part of your daily routine for a healthy skin and avoid early wrinkles.We have answered all the questions which were asked by you according to your skin type.

CTM is an absolute must. It’s the basic skin care regime, one should follow twice every day, for the rest of your life to get and keep younger and healthier skin.
First of all choose your products to specifically your kind of skin type that could change with the weather change.
*For oily skin only use oil free cleanser and moisture, the toner should be astringent with or without alcohol depending on how oily the skin is.
*For combination to normal skin a cleanser and moisture that is more in a liquid form, would work best . The toner should be rose water.
*For dry and sensitive skin use a cleanser and moisture that is cream based , to keep the skin hydrated. The toner should be plain mineral water.

CLEANSING when cleanser is applied and gently massaged into the skin with your finger tips or with a cotton pad you are forcing the pores to gently open to flush out the dirt mix…gently rinse your face with lukewarm water or using a moist cotton pad gently remove all traces of cleanser.
TONING sometimes after cleansing traces of cleanser is left behind, along the hair line or at the curve of the nose toner stripes the skin of all oil .The pores are slightly open after the cleansing procedure, the toning will firmly close them. To tone either spray on the toner and dab well with cotton pads or a thin face towel, also you can spray toner onto a cotton pad and dab all over face to close the open pores.
MOISTURISING After the above two procedures, give your skin a couple of minutes of breathing space. your skin needs to be replenished and hydrated, use your moisturiser to do just that.

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