Case Study Content is not the king

Case Study Content is not the king

Communication is one of the most important aspect in the workplace. Whether communicating internally or with a client, it’s vital to understand that there is more to communicating than what comes out of your mouth. In fact, the most powerful form of communication doesn’t include words at all.

Nonverbal communication includes all the unspoken messages sent to people on a daily basis, whether it’s telling someone about yourself by how you wear your hair or clothing or sharing your feelings through the rolling of the eyes or the nodding of the head (Body language).

We are constantly communicating without ever saying a word. And what is frightening is that we are not even aware of the dialogue that we are having unknowingly. The nonverbal communication is most often ignored by us but noticed by others.

Recently a 38 years old man consulted us on one such issue. This man was facing a problem in building rapport with people of opposite gender and failing to project credibility via body language. He heads a recruitment agency and whenever he goes for a meeting, gets negotiated with while his juniors come back with a better deal.

After understanding his requirements we started working with him.  We helped him with the art of small talks and his sales pitch. We figured that his simplicity and gentle nature often showed him under a different light. Even though he loved his work, he could never explain the same without displaying his insecurities.

We worked with him on voice modulation and body language. Using a pratical approach, we showed him what he was doing wrong and how he could bring about a change. This included the art of networking and being a farmer and not a hunter, social graces and physical proximity, how to converse with a woman, and the difference between being assertive and aggressive.

His profession demands warmth, politeness, passion. We helped him master the art of using language to communicate effectively.

After every session there was a marked improvement in him and we saw a new man with more confidence, passion, the required politeness and a better word play.


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