Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

As a bride to be, before putting together your makeup kit, you must know what is your skin type and also be clear about your lifestyle needs. If you are someone who has dry skin, you need products that hydrate or moisturize. Creamy concealers, foundation and blushers are your best friend. Powdery makeup products wont help you. On the contrary, if you have oily skin, creamy products can be used but must be set with powder well else the product will shift.

In order to make this process seamless, here is an elaborate checklist to enable you to make sure you have everything you need.

  • First things first, you need to have a Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing regime in place. Pick your CTM regime basis your skin type. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer that is heavy in texture and if you have oily skin use one that does not add to the oiliness and is hydra-based. If you have combination skin, apply your moisturizer only on the drier patches of your skin. Skim over the T-zone.Clinique-Intro-Kits-1
  • Primers are a must have when you are putting together your kit. It helps your makeup stay much longer and adds brightness to the pigments that you apply. You must own a primer for your face and a separate one for your eyelids.


  • If you have dark circles or pigmentation around the mouth area, you would colour correctors to nullify the problem. Get an orange corrector for dark circles and to cancel out any purples on the face and a green corrector to cancel pink or red on your face.


  • Pick your foundation well. To begin with, know the kind of coverage you like. Is it sheer, medium or full coverage? Next, pick your colour well. Never test foundation on your hands. Always on the sides of your jaw or center of the face. Also remember, if you pick a foundation that is lighter than your skin colour chances are it will turn ashy. Refrain!


  • Always get powder to set your foundation in place. Its absolute must have. There are two kinds of powder: Loose powder and Pressed Powder. If you like you makeup to look natural and dewy, pick the former. Pressed powder can be used to fix foundation when you like extremely high coverage.


  • Eyeshadows add to the glam in makeup. It is one of the most important things in makeup. You must own 4 basic colours which are, a transition colour(soft browns or soft grey), a lid colour to add brightness to the makeup, crease colour to add definition to the eye and highlight colour for the brow bone.

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  • On Indian faces, nothing looks prettier than kajal. I personally recommend you get a black and a brown kohl to add variation to your look. Also, getting a gel liner is a very good idea given the winged liner vogue.


  • Mascaras make a world of a different. What you are looking for is one that gives the desire effect, be it lengthening of lashes or adding volume, and has long lasting effect. Remember that you must replace your mascara every few months, as it tends to collect germs pretty easily!

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  • Do pick a good blusher for yourself. If you are fair to medium toned, pick softer peaches and pinks for your skin. Darker pigments might look bruised on your skin. If you have richer tones in your skin, coral colour is fabulous for you.


  • When picking up lipcolour, know the texture that you like and the coverage you prefer. You will find glossy, matt, satin, velvet and sheer lip colours. Beyond texture, get a day colour and an evening colour basis your skin tone. Day colours are always softer than evening colours. Also, get a lip pencil to match the colour. Very Important!


  • Apart from the products, its important to pick the right tools. You must own a basic brush set made of natural fibers in order to blend in the makeup well. Another favorite is the beauty blender. Must Have!



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