The Bridal Diary: Beauty Rituals for the Bride

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Every Bride is beautiful and on their special day they must be their very best. Below are some of the best beauty rituals that the bride must indulge in.

Beautiful Bridal Skin Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than the natural glow of happiness that becomes every bride. But to help that glow along, schedule a series of monthly facials beginning as early as six months before your wedding. To help ensure your skin looks picture perfect on your wedding day, I advise your last facial to be no later than two weeks before the big day.

Reduce pre-wedding jitters with a personal spa ritual. “Make sure to pick one beauty regimen that is personal to you, like taking a nice and relaxing bath,”

Draw an Apple Cider Vinegar Baths may help you get rid of toxins, aid in the weight loss process and clear the pores of the skin.

Hair The hot oil massage is the best way to keep your hair healthy. Include protein in your diet and eat almonds every morning on an empty stomach to keep your hair healthy. Go for regular trimmings and try a new hairstyle a few months before.

The million dollar smile This is one area which most brides ignore and in this case ignorance is not bliss.  Decrease your tea and coffee intake to keep your teeth white as these drinks tend to stain the teeth. It’s a good decision to opt for the dentist’s professional bleaching services to get the perfect smile on your big day.

These tips can be done easily and none of them will require an extra line on your wedding budget. They will make a difference in your skin and hair whether you have a full year or just a few weeks. And your fiancé will enjoy the new you almost as much as you do.

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